Sea-to-Sky Logistics Lines



Sea-to-Sky Logistics Lines Inc. is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company in international freight forwarding. It operates its subsidiary, ABC Brokerage, to provide seamless door-to-door freight delivery service.

(ABC) Attentive, Balanced & Committed Customs Brokerage Corporation has been servicing a long list of clients over the past 28 years since 1992.  Our wealth of experience in this time-critical service business ensures consistent performance and results for our demanding customers.

Sea-to-Sky Logistics Lines Inc. is proud of its forefathers in logistics.  Our origin traces its 80-year history in logistics since 1936, when our patriarch, Mr. Lim Poh, launched his first ship, M/V Masayon.  Despite the onset of World War II, the business eventually grew to become Sweet Lines Inc., which became the largest domestic shipping line in the Philippines back in the ’70s.

Fast forward to the present…Sea-to-Sky Logistics Lines Inc. was awarded a coveted forwarding and brokerage annual contract for 2016 from NutriAsia, the Philippines’ foremost producer, marketer and distributor of sauces, condiments and cooking oils.   A bid that was won over six giant multinational NVOCCs.

In June 2016 – NutriAsia conducted its 6-Month Performance Review and adjudged Sea-to-Sky Logistics Lines Inc. as their #1 Top Performer amongst all four Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers servicing NutriAsia.  The diminutive, new and locally grown Sea-to-Sky was the only one to deliver an error-free, perfect record performance.  A respectable performance from the “new kid” when you take into account that the other three providers are full-fledged multinational giants.


Sea-to-Sky Logistics Lines Inc. understands that all customers, more than anything, just want Peace-of-Mind.

We deliver it through transparency and integrity.

Our Integrity, Intelligence and Experience.    Your Peace-of-Mind.